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Here are the most common Questions I am asked

How much time does the program take a week

2h is the time you need to make for
1) our private sessions
2) your deep reconnection/meditation practice

Then it is up to you how much time you want to spend studying on your own through the online mentoring program which includes about 40 easy to watch videos + some suggested exercices.

I will help you select the parts that are most relevant to you.

How is such transformation possible in such limited time?

1) My aim is to empower as many women as possible, so I created this program & put it into place in the most efficient way for you.
2) I have min. 20 years experience in these fields, & I have been trained by the highest masters to be a force of rapid transformation.
3) You will notice yourself, that the fact that you have decided to invest your money, time, and energy to this, will mobilise your best self to make it.
4) It is my professional experience that if you want the best results in the quickest of time, you need to work in a comprehensive & integrated way. Because everything is interconnected. This is why I will have you work on your environement, self-care, inner healing, and intuitive development, gently mobilising the body, mind & soul.

For all the above mentioned reasons I will never work again like classic practitioners do, on the basis of single consultations, on demand, with no clear and holistic goals.. It is frustrating for both the clients and the practitioner.

What if 3 months are not enough?

It is highly important for the success of the program that we set an end date. This allows us to mobilise all our focus on your goals during that period of time.
We monitor progress all along, adapting the program as you need.

If by the end of the program you wish to continue to work, I will be very happy to identify your needs & set, with you, a new plan of action.

What is so unique about this mentoring?

It a 100% holistic, natural & integrated unique method:
- holistic in terms of the techniques I use & the fact we work on all dimensions mind, body and soul
- integrated because I combine: teaching, healing and guiding
- integrated because it combines: healing, well-being coaching, mindset mastery, and intuitive dévelopment all at once
- all-in-one because while you are guided you learn who to do it for yourself in the future
=> you free your inner power by yourself

How will it improve my life?

You will slowly but surely return to your natural circle of self-regeneration and sel-empowerment.
Among the many benefits, you will feel:
- more capable,
- more peaceful,
- more resilient,
- more positive,
- more constructive,
- capable of guiding yourself towards what's right for you
- less affected by the general negativity, fears, cahotic environment , disempowering talks...
- more able to stay connected to your needs and strengths so you can navigate through this planetary transition remaining in your power

Why work with me?

Checl out the section "Namuezi" for more.
- Like you, I have worked in the sector of change, in the field and headquarters, serving in several positions, and around the world.
- I have gone through 2 burn outs at the beginning of my career for lack of knowledge about myself and any self-care supporting system.
- Because of my 18 years chronic disease I have very extended first hand experience + training + professional experience in the field of holistic health and intuitive capacity development.
- I have a rare skill to "look through people to spot what blocks them + a rare skill to help women develop their intuitive skills + my own intuitive guidance I can put at your service.
- Because i want all existing lights in the world to shine so you can bring hope, courage to people & your part of the solution to today's challenges, with wisdom, peace and endurance.

What happens when I complete the program?

You will end the program with all the knowledge & skills you need to fly with your own wings 🙂

Remember you have access to the online mentoring program for a whole year starting the day you start the program, so you can rely on that database for 9 months after you complete the program.

If you need my help after you complete the program, know that I offer a 50% discount to all returning clients on individual consultations.

I have tried things before...

Can you try to think of the reasons why what you tried didn't work for you? or was insufficiant? It may be because it wasn't comprehensive & integrated enough, not targeted enough, not right for you, not the right time for you, not the right practitioner for you...

This program is holistic and will succeed if
- you & I "resonate",
- your needs fall under the category of the needs I can help you with,
- it is the right time for you
- you absolutely 100% want to make these changes

Be sure, that all of the women I helped had experience in therapy or personal development. At the 1st appointment I will ask you about past experiences and knowledge so you can focus exactly on what you still need to work on.

How will I know if it works?

At the very start, I will help you set a series of ways to monitor your own progress. We will monitor it together until the end.

I used to feel constantly worried and low => now I feel positive & energetic
I used to get angry, panic or be aggressive towards people => I can cope with anything that comes to me, in a peaceful & confident way.
I used to have a stressed and stressful mind => now I know exactly how to control my thoughts and I do it so I have a supportive and powerful mind
I used to be depressed by what was going on in the world => now I only see the opportunities for me, and others
My relatives tell me "you shine! what did you do?" "you look so vibrant! What is your secret?".

Let's talk about it

The 1st Diagnostic appointment is Free!

I am very happy to offer a 45mn consultation to newcomers, 

so you can explain to me in detail what you are going through, what you have tried in the past, and what your wishes are for your future. 

Then, if you are the kind of women I can help, I will tell you exactly how I can help you.

Click on the link below, choose a date & time that suits you, then fill in a short 5mn form, & we’re all set! 

If the program is 100% for you, then I ll be very happy to help you, if not, I will give you some advice so you can proceed towards what’s best for you

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