My story in a nutshell

At 11 y.o, at the foot of a tree... today
healing, guiding, empowering women

For as long as I remember, very little, I used to ask myself 2 questions:

  1. Why, so much unhappiness and earth’s disrespect?
  2. What can I do to help?

At 11 years old, I was struck by a profound awakening which taught me I was to safeguard the sacred, and help others open their hearts to it. 

Coincidentally i was born in Africa, from a father who worked with the UNHCR so I travelled a lot, & was exposed to all sorts of realities early on. Quite naturally, I decided to study human rights & work in the humanitarian field. 

  • I learned a lot… on the political, economcial, social, religious, cultural… reasons why…and, the many ways we can make a change. If we collaborate. 

Meanwhile, at 19 years old, I was hit by a chronic disease which dramatically impaired my  life.

  • This gave me 20 looong years, first hand, in depth, experience of what can block us. From nutrition, society induced illnesses,  intergenerational toxic bonds, lack of holistic self-care, to, our unmastered minds & other self-sabotages. And the extaordinary, rapid, natural, holistic ways at our disposal to free ourselves. If we wish to.

Naturally, after healing myself, I decided to train & open my own practice to help other women return to their empowered state.

The 2020’s sanitary crisis marked a major life-changing shift for me. I couldn’t sit down and watch the world risk falling into more caos. And I thought of all those women who:

  • were already under stress, trying to make a change,
  • are now facing the worsening of so many people’s conditions, the need for even more structural changes,
  • have to cope with more difficult conditions of work, schooling, communication, travel… 

So I entered into silent hermitage, 5 months later, came out with my idea. 1 week later, undertook a 3 months coaching to put it into place, and here we are …

Eagle's eyeing

I love to look at things in their broad & micro perspective so I can spot what blocks people or organisations

Inner diving

I love to dive deep, because pearls are not found on the shore. Count on me if you need help with exploring your inner world.

Freeing others

"Speaking with you that one time, was enough for me to decide to make that career move I always wanted to make", Nikkie F.

Bridging Worlds

The invisible with the visible, the inner with the outter, Humans with Nature, Earth with Stars...


I've taken many types of dance classes, I also performed in a few memorable shows. No dancing = no life 🙂

Sacred Sites

I am a pilgrim, a nomad, I love to listen, feel, absorb what ancient sites & pathways have to teach us. On those sites I let my soul ground, feed & fly 🙂


Nature is my healer, my guide, my inspiration, my life partner 🙂 It is where everything falls into place & enchants me. I love to help people feel unity in it.

My kids 🙂 & loved ones

What would I be without them? ?

Let's work together

"Something in me gave in, then, all of a sudden, everything came to me effortlessly : the ideas, the partners... It's as if everything converged on me, as if the stars aligned."

"I only see the opportunities now. Coming accross more advanced professionals who share my intuitions really strengthens me."

"Before, I used to spend a lot of time watching the news, in sadness. But now, I see all the opportunities and I take action."

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