My mission, code of conduct
& values

My mission is my vocation

To help as many women as possible, to shine their light into the world by maintaingin their balance & connection to their source of higher guidance. 

To accelerate the emergence of a wisdom-based female leadership so that we can all seize the opportunities at hand to create a happier & wiser Humanity who lives in harmony with nature. 

My code of conduct

I do not have all the answers, I think we all have a part of the answer, and mostly, I think we all need to follow our higher wisdom if we want to make sure we bring relevant and egoless solutions to today’s incredibly complex & interconnected challenges.  

Just like I did when I asked to be inspired to create this project.

So I devote myself entirely to helping you raise your energy and follow your guidance to thrive on creating the change you are inspired to create. 

I commit to providing you with only the most efficient and relevant experiences, skills and tools you need to achieve your goals

I commit to fostering your autonomy by strengthening your own capacity to know yourself, heal, empower and guide yourself  

I commit to respecting and honouring at all times your thoughts, beliefs, actions and choices. 

Your identity and information shared during our program will never be disclosed. This confidentiality also applies to the other women benefitting from this program. 

I will never tell you what to do, I will only suggest different ways so you can choose the one that is most useful to your advancement

We set goals, adapt the program and continously evaluate your progress, together

My work does not fall under the scope of the medical or psychological profession. I do not interfere in any treatment and do never advise treatment. 

My work aims at providing you with a comprehensive overview and best practices to help you set your own holistic health support system. 

My healing work aims at resolving spiritual blocks that impact your physical well-being and life goals. I do not deal with chronic diseases, mental diseases, burn outs or other long-term issues that require long term specialised support. 

My work on developing your intuitive capacities aims at helping you strengthen your own connection to your own inner self and sources of wisdom and guidance. It is about freeing the way of your soul independantly from any religious or other beliefs. 

I commit to refraining from sharing my beliefs as I consider they are perfectly irrelevant to our work which aims at helping you walk freely your own unique life path. 

Generally, I abide by the Code of Ethics of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists 

My Values & legitimacy

I defend human rights from even before I knew they had been written down somewhere

I defend freedom more than anything – as early as 4 years old I when caught doing something my parents didn’t like I would answer: “Asi soy yo!”=”this is who I am!” in Spanish

Since 20 years, I have been working to make a change, in several countries & at headquarters, visting prisoners, assisting low-income families with housing issues, lobbying against child-soldiers, teaching conflict law to armed forces, organising emergency relief operatons, but also managing teams, collaborating with public officials, fundraising, managing non-profit associations, finances, administration, public relations, defining policies, netorking… 

=> I can totally understand what you’re going through, it’s a lot…I’ve been there

I have experienced 2 burn outs, I used to “abuse” my body as if it were a machine, I used to be so unaware of my needs I didn’t even know what self-care meant, I have inflicted myself long years of self-sabotage, lack of love, huge lack of confidence, close relatives’ toxic bonds, karmic weights…and It tool me years to re-balance myself, heal, and re-train my intuitive capacities

=> I know how hard it is to try to manage it all, while drained in the inside and at a loss of inner guidance

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