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Swap Exhaustion & Self-doubt
for the Fire & Compass Within
About you

So there is a noble cause you want to see progressing.

And it was already hard BEFORE…

making space for you & your loved ones while bringing tangible results at work. It was indeed! Before 2020, women working on change were, already, target N.1 for burn outs. 

But NOW?

Even more people need help, more structural changes are required… 
Your living & working conditions are harder:  continuously changing security measures, more riots, political, economical turmoil, more natural disasters, less human contacts, more home-working, home schooling, constrains on travel & on fun oportunites…
Like many, you are also, moved in the inside: disabling fears, lack of perspective, lack of clarity, of self-confidence, inner conflicts, unrest, etc…


Restore & maintain your inner balance & guidance, through this era of planetary transition. So you can create the change you aspire to, and thrive with confidence, without sacrificing your health, your family or your other passions.

Because we need all the lights to shine bright to give hope, courage and inspiration, let me help you be that pillar of light for yourself, your loved ones, your projects, for the benefit of all

Join us

We might do wonders together if:

– You also want to co-create a better world for all, in harmony with nature.
–  You need to feel you are part of the solution.
– You would just love to be that lightful, joyful, unique, creative & confident self you can be.
– You want to remain sensitive, empathetic, caring, acting with integrity, being the change you want to see
You are really good in your field of expertise, but nothing prepared you to master yourself so you can thrive in such a rock’n roll world 
– You know you should take better care of yourself, but you don’t know where to start, or you have tried but it’s not enough, you procrastinate/self-sabottage, or can’t seem to able to stick to it
– You know those weights you carry keep you down. But maybe you don’t know what it is that keeps you down, or you have tried to lift them but failed, so you’re suffering in silence
– You know there is that voice of wisdom in you, but you have a hard time making space for it, listening to it, or trusting it, let alone use it concretly to guide yourself efficiently. But you’d love to be able to. 


 – You have all these strong ideas, emotions, determination, but you are not focused, you lack energy, clarity, so in the end your self-love & consideration for yourself decreases more and more
– You’re more & more tired & disatisfied trying to juggle with everything… You wonder, if the problem is you, if you should give up, or make a change. 
Holistic mentoring tailored for women who want to make a change

What if you could improve your personal & professional life, for ever, in only 3 months ?

Our impact
"This is the fastest and most life-changing progress I have ever made"

My vision: welcome to the era of reconnection

We're experieneing an era of profound planetary transformation which impacts not only our model of society but also, our inner beings, ways of thinking, our beliefs.
It is this double change that drains us so much,
but it is also the only way to meaningful and lasting change.

Humanity has disconnected from what is essential for far too long.
Old patterns need to to die for a new Humanity to rise, better connected to what deeply drives her, to mother Earth, to the living, the sacred.
More deep connection (in French: reliance) is required.
As uncomfortable as it may be,
this era offers us the historical opportunity to courageaously look at what we do no longer want, and define, together, what we do want.
But the risk of letting ourselves be disempowered by fear, negativity & the magnitude of the changes is real.
What if, we used the energy of this wave to rise even higher?

For this to happen, we need to keep an eagle's view on the global situation,
look behind appearances, the new forest growing in silence,
& focus on the part of the solution that we each hold.

Holistic reconnection is the key.
This is the fact of reconnecting with our mind, body and soul, realigning ourselves, deeply reconnecting to others and our environment. Reconnecting to the powerful agent of change that you already are, and trust that you are guided by your own inner wisdom through the challenges of today's world.
This will not only free your inner power, but it will also connect you to this global network of evolutionary leaders that make the world step into it's sunnier side.

Wisdom-based female leadership has been rising since many years now.
Today we are given a chance to step up and show how we can bring hope, courage and inspire the way with empathy, integrity, authenticity, creativity, fairness, cooperation, endurance, mastery of sel & higher inspiration.

All of the above can only happen if we start taking better care of ourselves,
nurishing a peaceful state of being which allows us to listen, trust & follow our source of higher wisdom,
whatever happens today, and is yet to happen.


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